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Sourav Ganguly discharged from hospital, returns home

Sourav Ganguly discharged from hospital, returns home

Eastern Times, Kolkata: Sourav Ganguly returned home from Kolkata’s Woodlands hospital on Thursday morning after undergoing an angioplasty surgery on Saturday.

Standing in front of the hospital wearing a sniffy jacket and face mask, Sourav said, “We came to the hospital to save our lives. It’s a proven fact.

I want to thank Woodlands Hospital authorities and doctors for the way they took care of me. I’m fine. Hope to be on the plane soon. I can get up”.

However, he did not answer any questions of the journalists. Maharaja returned home in his own car.

For the time being, the maharaja has to remain in complete rest. Doctors will take the next step after three weeks. His diet will include only home-cooked food. However, he is required to cut down on dairy products and anything that can raise his cholesterol level. Although in future, Maharaja will be able to eat everything gradually.

Physicians are keeping an eye on his thyroid and cholesterol levels. According to hospital sources, there will be a nurse to take care of Sourav.

In addition, doctors will visit Sourav’s place every day to keep a check on his physical condition. Depending on the nature of his health, the next stage of treatment shall be determined.

Sourav fell ill during his workout session at home last Saturday. He was rushed to Woodlands Hospital. After multiple physical examinations, he was diagnosed with ‘Triple vessel disease’. It was found that there were a total of three blockages including the right coronary artery. The stent is placed after angioplasty.

Noted cardiologist Devi Shetty had flown to Kolkata and informed on Tuesday that Sourav’s heart was as strong as it used to be when he was 20 and he would lead a normal life with a few weeks of rest.

It was then decided that Sourav would be discharged from the hospital on Wednesday. However, he himself expressed his desire to stay in the hospital for one more day.

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