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Salute to martyr Stan Swami

Salute to martyr Stan Swami

Sujato Bhadra


Sujato Bhadra




Yes. Very sad news that we have received right now that Stan Swami is no more.

It is not disputed that he was 84 years and had been suffering from multiple aliments. At this age with so many ailments , life of such person is expected to die in quite normal way. But Standid not breathe his last in the quite way. He was allowed to die in an Indian Jail. He was ,to us, murdered slowly but steadily.

From 2018 the civil liberties movement in India and abroad, citizens of India and abroad, even the dissenting judgement of the Supreme Court in Romila Thapar &ors case , clearly pointed out the bhim Koregaon case is a false one and 16 activists who were arrested in instalments, were wrongfully implicated by the Indian state . Forensic evidence has proved beyond reasonable doubt that evidence planted in Rona Wilson’s computer.

Yet all protests, all appeals , all petitions even for bails of the accused activists were rejected mercilessly ; in our land ,we are told repeatedly ( being latest in Arnab Goswami case) that bail is the rule, jail is the exception. Yet this wise judicial wisdom have been wanting in BK case. Only relief was granted by the court to Vara Rao , who is also aged and a patient of multiple aliments, for six months bail with stingent conditions.

Hearing for bail petitions for Sudha, Soma, Anand ,Stan , Rao got postponed and delayed in different courts on various pretexts , while we have witnessed how Arnab Goswami’s bail petition was heard and disposed off in favour of Arnab , an accused in criminal cheating and fraud case ,with lightening speed. Oh! No! We , the activists and friends never expected that in case of Stan Swami and others , such thing would ever happen . But we did expect that at least in such a sensitive case, where chages are yet to be framed, and where more than 200 prosecution remain to be examined /cross examined, the trial is understandably will take years together to complete, the courts would uphold citizen-accused right to speedy trail , and seeing lacking thereof, would grant bail.

But our just expectations were not fulfilled. In fact, NIA’s unjustified opposition to bail of each and every accused activist was unfortunately upheld by the courts. The entire process starting from search of houses of Anand ,Stan , Hany Babu and others to the humiliating manner of their arrest and dumping them in Taloja jail to locking them up in cells hours together to denial of all legal facilities ,as recognised as prisoners rights , is itself not only violation of human rights , but also itself substantive punishment .

NIA is well aware of the fact that they will be , if the trail is just and fair, acquitted . So trial must not be held ; just keep them in jails; “bury them alive,” to borrow Angela Davis.

Yes, Stan is buried alive.And before his death, he suffered a lot,as other are suffering now. His life was extinguished.He was arrested from his residence at Ranchi, Jharkhand on October 8 and remained in jail custody till his death today. Recall jharkhand activists last plea to Maharastra government. In their moving letter they described the latest deteriorated medical conditions of Stan Swami and urged the government to shift him to evena private hospital at his own expense,as the government hospital, J J Hospital, mumbai did not give him relief. When the Bombay court finally agreed to this proposal of shifting to the private hospital, rejecting NIA’s cruel ,inhuman opposition to Lawyer Mihir Desai’s prayer,it was really too late.

Stan in his last video conferring with the Bombay High court, expressed his last desire , ” to die in the prison ” and “at his own way”.

It is shocking and distressing to see that even his heart moving appeal did not move the conscious of the court , a sentinel of rights of even prisoners ,as recognized and reaffirmed over the years ( latest being UNO’s Mandela Declaration of 2015) to grant him bail.

He was allowed to die in a calculated manner. It’s nothing but murder in disguise by the state in the name of justice.

Salute to martyr Stan Swami. A great loss to civil ,human and democratic rights movements of India and loss of a genuine friend to tribal people.

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