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No freedom of speech or individual liberty in Bangladesh today, says Tarique Rahman

The Bangladesh Nationalist Party acting chairman was speaking at the Committee to Celebrate the Golden Jubilee of Independence meeting

Eastern Times, Correspondent, Dhaka, 21 November: Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) acting chairman Tarique Rahman on Saturday alleged that Bangladeshi people have no freedom and they are subjugated in their own country.

“Even on the eve of the golden jubilee of Bangladesh’s independence, why are citizens of an independent country not able to vote? Why don’t ordinary people have freedom of speech and individual liberty?” he said.

Former Prime Minister Khaleda Zia’s son Tarique Rahman was attending a virtual meeting of the Committee to Celebrate the Golden Jubilee of Independence from London.

He said that though the people of Bangladesh became the owners of the state after the 1971 liberation war, now they have lost that ownership.

Tarique Rahman said, “Equality, human dignity and justice — these were the mantras that independent Bangladesh was based on.

People had aspirations, they had dreams…in independent Bangladesh people will have individual liberty and freedom of speech.

Democracy will be established. But today the reality is very different. There is no freedom today. There are no democratic rights. People do not have freedom of speech or individual liberty.”

Tarique Rahman said that today pro-democracy people are being kidnapped and killed.

Thousands of crores of taka are being smuggled from Bangladesh. Army officers are being shot dead and publicly humiliated.

He said that in today’s Bangladesh BNP is the only alternative to fight for the people and the country’s interests.

This fact has been proven time and again during the reign of Shaheed Ziaur Rahman and Begum Khaleda Zia.


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