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Journey of Meghbalika : An all Women music band from Tripura

Suman Kalyan Moulick

The time was 2015. Not far from Agartala town, a girl was dreaming of living life in a slightly different way. Not a  career in academics, not a housewife’s dream, Moon Saha wanted to live with guitar. Naturally no one helped to keep this dream alive in a middle class house. Moon did not give up hope but dreamed bigger. Not just a guitar player, she wanted to build an all Women music band  . Hidden in the dream was an awakened rivalry against the ongoing patriarchal culture. Gradually this dream has grown. Ankita Roy of Agartala whose first love poem has been associated with that dream. Her  first book of poems titled ‘Apremik Tomake’ was published at that time. This is how the first female band Meghbalika was formed in the beautiful state of Tripura.

Today Meghbalika is a complete group of eight people. Moon plays guitar there, Dishari Saha on drums and tabla. Sangyukta Chowdhury and Nandita Saha sing. Jayshree Chakraborty and Sharmistha Sarkar are in charge of the key-board. Maman Debnath on flute. Ankita writes songs, performs and is in charge of music videos. Meghbalika’s journey started in 2016. But the path was not smooth at all that day. In the program of the cultural organization Chhandanir. Sameeran Roy, the captain of Chhandanir, gave them their first chance. Since then, the praise for Meghbalika’s song has gradually spread in Agartala. Until then, Still now Samiranbabu is with them like a guardian.

In 2021, an all-India entertainment channel brings good news for Meghbalika. Meghbalika’s show will be seen on their ‘India Got Talent’ program soon. Today, Meghbalika wants to reach the world of music with her songs. In the past it has been seen that due to lack of ego and coordination, many bands started raising potential but their race stopped in the middle. Time will tell, but for now, all is well.

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