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Hasina Govt known international arena as ‘Government of the Mafia’: Tareq Rahman

Hasina Govt known international arena as 'Government of the Mafia': Tareq Rahman

Eastern Times Special Correspondent, Dhaka : Tareq Rahman, acting chairman of Bangladesh’s main opposition party BNP said, ‘The Awami League has gone bankrupt due to   greed for power.’ Having lost its political character, the party is a circle dependent on some corrupt  bureaucrats, some murderers in police uniforms. In the international arena, the Hasina government is known as the ‘Government of the Mafia, by the Mafia for the Mafia’. So they are now speaking out against the opposition to give their party a political character. 

He made the remarks while attending a virtual meeting from London on Saturday.

Bangladesh’s Former prime minister Khaleda Zia’s son said, ‘Even though a political party has been in power for more than a decade, they should have talked about their own success for so long instead of criticizing others every day. But all the time their leaders are criticizing the proclamation of independence and former president Ziaur Rahman, Criticism against Begum Khaleda Zia and the BNP, the most popular political party in Bangladesh.

Mentioning that the Hasina government has no success, Tarique Rahman said, ‘The success of the Awami League government is kidnapping, murdering, looting, money laundering and lying.

He said, “the government has kept on shutting down all educational institutions on the pretext of overcrowding, but the activities of their party are being continued.” Although educational institutions have been opened all over the world, they are not being opened in Bangladesh. ‘

Tareq Rahman said, ‘Bangladesh needs 26 crore doses of vaccines to get all adult vaccinated. But this government has not been able to provide even three crore doses of vaccine so far. Now the government has only 65 lakh doses of vaccine in its stock but one crore ninety lakh people have got registered for vaccination as of today. So when will 32 lakh students be vaccinated at the university level? When will the university open, when will the school-college open?-He asked.

He added, “An illegal government without vaccinating the students has said that if the colleges and universities are opened, the students will agitate to    overthrow the government from power.” He called the government’s student wing a terrorist student organization. The fact of the matter is that this government has already lost its way due to fear of losing power.

Without naming Sheikh Hasina, Tareq said, “Bangladesh’s politics, economy, social politics and values have all been destroyed due to the greed of one person for power.” The country is being made an ineffective state. This is their assignment. So we have to save the country from the hands of this mafia government. ‘

BNP chief called for a movement to overthrow the government, saying, “No more waiting, the students will return to campus as the situation improves.” Be vocal about demands. We will have the support of the students for this movement.  BNP has to lead the country in the mafia-free movement. Therefore, Bangladesh will soon be a mafia-free country, democracy will be liberated.

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