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Dhalpur Eviction

Dhalpur-Sipajhar in Darrang District of Assam

Ratish Deb

On 24th September about 1000 families living in Dhalpur-Sipajhar in Darrang District of Assam for about the last fifty long years had been illegally evicted in a few hours’ notice. They are stamped as illegal encroachers who made the barren land cultivable. In a bid to evict those peasants belonging to Muslim  community the state government carried out  this drive in two phases killing 2 inhabitants and severely injuring 19 others.

A dozen JCBs were put into this  brutal action that rendered about a thousand families homeless.

As the news spread people across the state  condemned this act of brutal, heartless eviction drive carried out by the autocratic state.This prompted me to visit the site. I was shocked and appalled to see miles of deserted land where a week ago people merrily lived in their thatched houses and produced mustard, maze, pulses and a large volume of vegetables that fed the entire lower Assam. I have tried to draw a picture of what I gathered there and narrated in the following passages.

The deserted look of Dholpur in Sipajhar in Darang District of Assam.Now, one wouldn’t find any trace of human activity in this riverine area where the Muslim peasants lived for more than 50 long years. They transformed the barren sand bank into a granary of paddy, fruits and vegetables and all greens that fed almost the entire lower Assam.

But since 23 rd September one wouldn’t find any trace of human activity undertaken by the people who had been living there. One will not know in future that once there were children playing in front of their thatched huts , flying kites, and old men resting under the shadow of the tree they once planted.An envisaged eviction project took shape that day.

This ambitious fascist project rendered thousands of Muslim peasants, their families, sucking babies to older children destitutes in a few hours’ notice. But agreed upon promises were different. They dismantled everything, from thatched houses to wooden cot to plastic chairs to utensils. Even uprooted trees planted by the villagers.That might be in the name of saving the environment! But interestingly no human hand was used in these inhuman eviction activities. Human hand is humane! It is a machine that replaces human hands, humanity and human labour.So, dozens of JCBs were engaged which gutted down everything that resembles a permanent nature.Eviction completed. Chief Minister expressed happiness.

Now, the villages wear deserted look.Birds screaming. Feathers are spread over the reconstructed barren land bereft of even a leaf of grass. Green grass. Occasionally floating in the air unwillingly. The land turned again barren and looks grey. So is the police force. For they also possess machines, like machine guns and other weapons.

On 23 rd September they targeted a humble peasant named Moinul whom they shot from point blank range.Shot him in his heart. Then the dancing episodes, by One sri Baniya and brutal lathicharges by brave police force are all reality. A twelve year old humble boy Sk Farid became also a target.He was also shot at his heart.Innocent Farid fell victim while coming back from the post office collecting his identity card i.e. ADHAR card. Farid left but his identity remained illuminating .I met Farid’s brother but I failed to look straight at his eyes .I did not possess the language to console him. They followed the same pattern.So, question arises.
Occupying Land Water Jungle is an imperialist design. For decades, imperialists of different folks in the interests of their respective MultiNational Corporate giants along with the capitalists of the countries in which they are programming for Land Water Jungle grabbing in connivance with their stooges are facing vigorous resistance. People are aware of decades-long resistance movements going on all over India . In Assam this project is only in it’s incipient stage.Let us not stoop to this anti-people and pro imperialist design.

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