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BNP is committed to protect religious freedom and values in Bangladesh: Tareq Rahman

Easterntimes, Special Correspondent, Dhaka, 25 October : BNP Acting Chairman Tarique Rahman, the main opposition party in Bangladesh, said, “Our party is committed to protecting the religious freedom and values of every person in Bangladesh.” We do not believe in the theory of majority and minority. We are all Bangladeshis – this is our big identity.
He said Bangladesh is a country of religious harmony. Everyone, irrespective of religion or caste, should be aware of any kind of evil activities.
In a message on the occasion of Durgapujo and Vijaya Dashami on Sunday, he conveyed his heartfelt greetings and congratulations to all Hindus and wished them happiness, peace and well-being.
He said that Durga Puja has been the biggest religious festival of the Hindu community in Bangladesh and other countries for centuries. This religious festival has been celebrated for a long time. In Bangladesh too, Durga Puja is always celebrated in a festive atmosphere.
The top leader of the expatriate BNP in London said that the underlying message of Durga Puja is to destroy the demons of violence, greed and anger and establish heavenly peace in the society where justice and fairness will be ensured.
He further said that the main goal of this Durga Puja is to establish human welfare by fighting against those who want to destroy the society, human civilization and establish misrule through torture, oppression and revenge. Everyone should share the joy of Durga Puja festival by assimilating that message. The festival is not circular, it is universal.

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