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BJP sending outsiders to rule Bengal, says Trinamool

BJP sending outsiders to rule Bengal, says Trinamool

The party has alleged the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is sending outsiders from north and west India to rule Bengalis

Eastern Times, New Delhi: Ahead of the assembly election in West Bengal the ruling Trinamool Congress (TMC) has set the ball rolling. The party has alleged the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is sending outsiders from north and west India to rule Bengalis.

Earlier this week BJP had appointed five leaders – Vinod Sonkar, Harish Dwivedi, Vinod Tawde, Sunil Deodhar and Dushyant Gautam – to oversee poll preparedness in the state and get feedback from the grassroots.

TMC spokesperson and tourism minister Bratya Basu on Friday said: “Outsiders have been sent to attack Bengal. Some people who do not understand Bengal, its culture or pulse are roaming around Bengal. These are the outsiders who desecrated Vidyasagar’s statue.”

Sharpening his attack on the BJP, Basu went on to say: “RSS has never had a Bengali as its chief. It has been either a Telegu or Marathi Brahmin.

The Trinamool leader went on to allege that 18 temples have been built around the Ram temple in Ayodhya. But not a single one for Matua leader Harichand Guruchand Thakur. He said Bengal has always welcomed outsiders with open arms. But things are different now. BJP is trying to “control and corner Bengalis”.

Basu gave the example of Netaji and said: “Just like non-Bengalis were used to corner Netaji similarly people from north and west India have been sent to corner Mamata Banerjee. Will the people of Bengal accept this?”

The minister went on to say that just like Netaji was forced to quit the Congress party, a similar thing happened to Mamata five decades later.

“Just like Netaji Mamata Banerjee has raised an Azad Hind army. Its name is Trinamool Congress,” he said.

“These outsiders say Rabindranath Tagore was born in Bolpur. Garlanding an Adivasi leader’s statue and saying they’ve garlanded Birsa Munda. We can not have outsiders like these lord over us,” Bratya Basu said.

Commenting on the likely appointment of Arun Majumdar, a Bengali, in Joe Biden’s cabinet, Basu said: “Even the US knows the worth of Bengalis. But Modi doesn’t and neither does BJP.”

“BJP has been in power for seven years at the Centre. But not one Bengali has got a cabinet rank. A member from Matua community won the Bongaon seat on a BJP ticket. He has not been made a minister,” Basu said.

It’s clear that ahead of the assembly election Trinamool will play the Bengali card and harp on Bengaliness. That the leaders sent by the BJP are not Bengalis and hence outsiders was obvious from Basu’s comments.

“Bengal has always welcomed outsiders. Here there is no discrimination against Bengalis or non-Bengalis, Hindus or Muslims or Sikhs. But these outsiders are wrecking Bengal’s social fabric,” Bratya Basu said.

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