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BJP IT cell spreading fake news – it is the government which has blocked and barricaded roads

BJP IT cell spreading fake news - it is the government which has blocked and barricaded roads

Farmers return to Delhi after harvesting

Eastern Times, New Delhi : BJP IT cell is constantly campaigning that the farmers’ dharnas are obstructing the fight against Corona. Some false news and propaganda are being spread that farmers have stopped trucks of oxygen and other essentials on the borders of Delhi. Farmers are also being accused of spreading corona.

Samyukta Kishan Morcha(SKM) condemns and opposes all these false narratives. Farmers have never intended to sleep on the streets and stay away from their homes and land. The government has inhumanly imposed these laws on the farmers. The farmers are not asking for anything new, they are only fighting to save what they have.

In this battle of existence, they are fighting against both Corona and the government.

The Government is running away from its responsibilities at the time of corona pandemic but is ironically choosing to blame farmers. In fact, on humanitarian grounds, farmers have been more than willing to assist locals and others despite the serious hardships that they find themselves in, in the ongoing protests. In the time prior to the last week of November, after repeated strikes, protests, Bharat Bandh, rail roko and other such struggles did not get a proper response from the government, farmers were compelled to come to Delhi to protest. On November 26th 2020, farmers wanted to enter Delhi, to dialogue with the Union Government and do a peaceful sit-in, but the farmers were prevented from reaching there, and many obstacles were placed in their way.

After the planned violence by the government on 26th January, more obstacles in the form of large barricades, spikes, boulders and other materials were placed on the roads by the government. Even internal roads and footpaths were not left un-barricaded and sealed off.

The local communities however supported the farmers and opened alternative avenues. Protesting farmers had kept service roads open for essential services right from the time they had to squat at the borders. The barricades put up by the police is the biggest obstacle to free vehicular movement in fact.

We appeal to the government to remove the obstacles that they have put up to lock in Delhi, so that ordinary citizens do not face difficulties.

On the call of the SKM, farmers in large numbers have started coming towards Delhi. The farmers are coming back soon after harvesting, to strengthen Singhu, Tikri, Ghazipur and Shahjahanpur borders. If the government is equally worried about the health of the farmers, then govt immediately repeal three laws and make a law on MSP. This is the only solution where farmers can roll back the protest, otherwise, it will be getting stronger day by day.

There are reports of long journeys of migrant labourers from all over the country. This danger is the result of neoliberal policies. A big step to sponsor these policies is these three agricultural laws. The results of the open market and privatization are that today thousands of millions of labourers are wandering in cities for at least cheap wages.

Instead of strengthening the farming sector, the government wants to create cheap labourers in the urban spaces by creating an agrarian crisis, but now the farmers and labourers will fight back against these policies at all costs.

Farmers organisations and volunteers have begun preparing food packets to be distributed in bus and railway stations of Delhi. Food was distributed to fleeing migrant workers in Anand Vihar bus station.

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