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Bihar election: ADR, BEW unveil unholy records 30% candidates facing criminal charges

Bihar election 30% candidates facing criminal charges

Bihar election 30% candidates facing criminal charges

Eastern Times, New Delhi: Corruption and politics coexist. An examination on fraudulent and crime cases in Indian politics, indeed, may reveal shocking results. Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) and Bihar Election Watch (BEW) on Friday came out with a report that exposed the financial and criminal cases of some People’s representatives (PR) and candidates from Bihar in Lok Sabha and state assembly elections since 2005.

The information is based on the affidavits submitted by the candidates prior to Bihar Assembly Elections in 2005, 2010 and 2015 and Bihar Lok Sabha Elections in 2009, 2014 and 2019 and Bye-elections to Bihar Assembly and Lok Sabha.

The study found that of the total 10785 candidates examined, 3230 (30 per cent) have declared criminal cases against themselves and that 2204 (20 per cent) have declared serious criminal cases against themselves. Whereas, of the total 820 MPs and MLAs analysed, 469 or 57 per cent and 295 or 36 per cent have declared criminal cases against themselves and serious criminal cases respectively.

Looking at the financial perspective, while the average assets of all the candidates studied who has contested elections is Rs.1.09 crores, the average assets of all PR analysed since 2005 is Rs.2.25 crores.

In addition, the average asset of 469 MPs and MLAs with declared criminal cases is Rs 2.89 crores and that it is Rs 3.01 crores for 295 PRs with declared serious criminal cases.

Moreover, the ADR and BEW have conducted study on party wise candidates who have declared criminal cases against themselves showing that 252(59%) out of 426 are those who have contested on BJP tickets whereas 170 (43%) out of 394 are the ones contested on INC tickets.

While 280 (56%) of the 502 are the RJD candidates, 234 (52%) out of 454 are JD(U) candidates. Similarly, 234 (31%) are those from BSP out of 761, 155 (47%) of the 330 belong to LJP and 800 (21%) out of 3841 as Independent candidates have declared criminal cases.

As far as party wise candidates declaring serious criminal cases against themselves are concerned, 148(35%) out of 426 candidates are those contested on BJP tickets, 95 (24%) out of 394 candidates from INC, 176 (35%) out of 502 and 158 (35%) out of 454 are RJD and JD(U) candidates respectively.

Additionally, from 761, 163 (21%) are BSP candidates, 98 (30%) out of 330 belong to LJP party and 569 (15%) out of 3841 Independent candidates have declared serious criminal cases.

The two bodies have also brought into prominence the party wise MPs/MLAs who have declared criminal cases against themselves where 154 (63%) out of 246 are those elected on BJP tickets, 25 (54%) out of 46 belong to INC, 89 (56%) out of 158 are from RJD, 149 (50%) out of 296 JD(U), and 19 (70%) out of 27 as LJP political figures.

The figure for Independent PRs who have declared criminal cases and serious criminal cases is the lowest with 15 (71%) and 8 (38%) out of 21 respectively.

Considering PRs representing different parties who have declared serious criminal cases, 84 (34%) out of 246 are those elected on BJP tickets, 17 (37%) out of 46 are those elected on INC tickets, 62 (39%) out of 158 are from RJD, 101 (34%) out of 296 are JD(U) PRs, 11 (41%) out of 27 representing LJP.

Among the national parties, while INC topped the list in terms of party wise average assets of 394 candidates as 3.44 crores, the amount is lowest for 3841 Independent candidates as 84.99 lakhs.

On the other hand, declared average assets for 426 BJP candidates is 2.93 crores, and that 3.68 crores assets came out for 454 JD(U) candidates. 1.70 crores is the estimated figure for 502 RJD candidates.

Furthermore, looking at the party wise average assets of PRs, while INC led the chart again with the amount as 4.04 crores for 46 PRs, JD(U) stood at the bottom with 296 PRs of the party having average assets of 1.42 crores only.

Report also revealed that 246 BJP MPs and MLAs have average assets of 2.92 crores, and that of 158 RJD is Rs. 2.14 crores. It also showed the average assets of 21 Independent PRs as highest with 3.05 crores

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