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Amid intense political turmoil in US, republicans face chaos

Amid intense political turmoil in US, republicans face chaos

Amid intense political turmoil in US, republicans face chaos

Eastern Times, International Desk: Things have now begun to be somewhat trembling under Trump governance that had tended to put forward a unified front throughout. With just three weeks left before Election Day, the republicans seem to be disconcerted at present.

Much fear that Trump-driven mishap could lead to Republicans witness their ranks dwindling, thereby losing their popularity in the House.

The republicans presented an assessment of the president’s chances secretly, highlighting his latest clumsy steps including his debate performance that proved inconsistency, his failure to protect himself and the White House from coronavirus and his inability to drive a closing message.

“The president’s political environment is terrible. It’s an uphill battle”, said Ed Rollins, a Republican operative who is currently the chairman of the pro–Donald Trump Great America PAC.

Expressing his concern, Rollins bluntly said things are “cooked.”

As revealed by National polling averages, Joe Biden is ahead of Trump by 10 or more percentage points in the states where tough campaigning between the duos is on.

In addition to Trump, losing majority of his supporters including suburbanites, older voters, white women in 2016 coalition, he has been unable to gain their support with warnings about violent protests, anarchy and socialism.

As analysed by major political forecasters, the Democrats are now being favoured who could take control of the Senate. According to Dave Wasserman of the Cook Political Report, the representation of the House Democrats could expand by as many as 15 seats.


While Senator John Cornyn for Texas told The Houston Chronicle that the president “let his guard down” on the coronavirus, Senator Ted Cruz, expressing his anxiety, said that the election “could be a blood bath of Watergate proportions”.

Furthermore, Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky said that he had not visited the White House since August due to the lack of safety precautions in order to curb corona.

Speaking in one voice, Republicans are now bringing into prominence their differences with gentle criticism instead of a sharp opposition against Trump after four years that could bring up a furious tirade on Twitter aimed directly at them by the president.

Republicans are left where they’ve been since the 2016 election and executing carefully every possible way to not get burned.

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