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All constitutional institutions of Bangladesh have been destroyed: Tarique Rahman

Hasina Govt known international arena as 'Government of the Mafia': Tareq Rahman

Eastern Times special Correspondent, Dhaka, 3 SeptemberTarique Rahman, acting chairman of Bangladesh’s main opposition party, the BNP, said, “All constitutional institutions in the country have been destroyed. On the one hand Awami League, Bureaucracy League, Police League, internal conflicts and on the other hand, Hasina’s party lost its way due to continuous corruption, looting, murder, disappearance, kidnapping, money laundering and various other irregularities.

He said this in a video message on the occasion of the 43rd founding anniversary of the BNP.

Khaleda’s son said ‘that the lies and propaganda against the proclaimer of independence [former president Ziaur Rahman] that has started during such a crisis in the country is intentional. This government, which has failed in all sectors, has taken the strategy of keeping the people busy in different directions by creating unnecessary issues or various issues.’

He said, “The pro-democratic people of Bangladesh think that there is no room for debate on the proclaimer of independence. The position of the proclaimer of independence is determined in the history. It is natural that those who have not seen the battle field of the liberation war will not recognize the proclaimer of independence.

It is not expected to get positive comments about the proclaimer of independence from those who forcefully removed Bangladesh’s first prime minister during the liberation war Taj Uddin Ahmed from his office.”

Tarique Rahman said, “Today, not only the country’s democracy, right to vote, human rights or human freedom have been violated, but also the independence of Bangladesh is now under threat. The country is in the grip of a deep conspiracy. A share and looting market is set up centered on Bangladesh. The defeated evil force on November 7, 1975 is now in the role of seller in this market. At present they established dictatorship by killing democracy.”

He said Sheikh Hasina’s party had cleverly given birth to militancy in the country as part of a far-reaching conspiracy. August 21 in 2004 incident was created to tarnish the image of nationalist forces at home and abroad. This attack was a pre-rehearsal for the creation of 1/11. This was not an isolated incident, August 21 and 1/11 are tied in the same thread. The grand alliance seized power in the year 2008 following the path of that conspiracy.

After that the army massacre took place in BDR’s Pilkhana. Begum Khaleda Zia, the symbol of nationalism, was imprisoned. People were beaten and killed for speaking in the interest of the country and by doing this a warning message was given to the patriots. The policy of abducting, killing, abducting or leaving the defendants across the border was introduced. This is the present scenario of Bangladesh.

Tarique said, “Those in power are conspiring to tarnish the image of Ziaur Rahman by failing to hide the ugly face of their tainted politics. However, they will not get benefit by spreading propaganda against martyr Zia or Khaleda Zia. Because they have both taken place in the hearts of the people.”

Tarique Rahman said, ‘I am saying with pride, now democracy and BNP are synonymous in Bangladesh. BNP was born as a beacon in undemocratic Bangladesh. Once again, Bangladesh is in the darkness of Awami ignorance. So, that day is not so far, Bangladesh will be free from the darkness of non-democracy again under the leadership of BNP.’

He further said, “I would like to call on the pro-Bangladesh, pro-democracy and nationalist that we fought for the independence of Bangladesh unitedly in the 1971 liberation war and we achieved independence. Let’s unite again this year on the golden jubilee of independence. Let the spirit of the liberation war be the basis of our unity to save the country and save the people for the protection of independence.”

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