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AIKSCC Slams Prime Minister for Making False Claims of Help to Farmers

AIKSCC Slams Prime Minister for Making False Claims of Help to Farmers

Eastern Times, New Delhi: Working Group of All India Kisan Sangharsh Coordination Committee (AIKSCC) has slammed the Prime Minister for spending more than Rs 500 crores in propaganda of his Pro Farmer Measures, largely a model of failure with high pilferage and implemented with high handed governance.

While turning a blind eye to the demand of farmers to repeal the Acts, the GOI has allotted Rs 1 lac crore to help private investments in agriculture while farmers have been demanding Govt investments in irrigation, supply of machinery, improvement of Mandis, input subsidies, MSP, procurement, etc.

AIKSCC reiterates that the First and Foremost Demand of the Farmers of India is Repeal of 3 Farm Acts and the EB 2020, every other demand only follows this.

Farmers of India have been agitating for years, under AIKSCC for MSP at C2+50% for all crops and all farmers and waiver of debts of all farmers and landless agriculture workers, adivasis, etc. But instead of solving these problems the Modi Govt came up with the 3 Ordinances and the EB 2020, which erodes all current benefits and securities and creates legal structure for control by corporate over farming processes, input sales, machinery, crop purchase, storage, transport, processing and sale of food.

This will indebt the farmers further, suicides will rise, crops will become cheap while food will become costly and hoarding and black marketing will rise.

WG of AIKSCC clarifies that all farmer welfare schemes are riddled with corruption and high non performance. In ODF for example, 90% of toilets made under the scheme are incomplete and in disuse. 95% of all Bank Accounts created under Jan Dhan remain zero balance for most of the year.

PMKISAN is a pittance of Rs 16.32 per day, worth 800 gms of wheat flour. PMFBY is a surreptitious scheme for transfer of farmers contribution and govt farmer funds to district wise allocated insurance companies having provided with captive premium markets to earn.

They earned Rs 2500 crores in 2017-18 and up to Rs 10,000 later. Mnrega and Housing are designed for large scale pilferage, saving some jobs and some houses which serve basis for PM’s propaganda blitz.

WG of AIKSCC has stated that facts expose the total failure of Modi’s Gujarat Model of Development for farmers.

During 2001 to 2011, as per the NSS report, 3.55 lac land owning farmers went missing in Gujarat which also registered a rise of 17 lac agriculture workers. These were analysed to be due to Corporate farming for Exports.

Gujarat reels under irrigation shortage with Narmada Dam water being transferred to Industry and Sabarmati River Water Front. Nine farmers were sued by Pepsico for Rs 1 Cr, for using their patented potato seed.

The Prime Minister and other Ministers are repeating absurd claims that the ‘farmer can sell anywhere’, ‘at any price’, ‘companies will give better prices’ in order to fool the gullible and create doubts about the justified demands of farmers. Companies invest for profit only and farmer has to sell in local market.

Meanwhile more than 20,000 farmers, from different backgrounds have assembled at Ghazipur from UP and Uttarakhand after having defied the UP police’s barricades. More are arriving and soon the other borders shall be flooded with the farmers.

Today, on the completion of one month of the Delhi sit in, more than 7000 protest programs observed “DhikkarDiwas” at various places to damn the govt’s obstinate attitude towards the demand for repeal of Acts and for singing self praise in the media.

Campaign for boycott of Ambani and Adani products and services was also launched all over the country.

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